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Deal: London Round Trip, Nonstop for Under $400 on British Airways from New York


London is one my favorite places ever since I visited with my family for the first time ten years ago. While seeing a recent deal on a low-fare airline with a long layover was hoping a decent deal would pop up for a nonstop flight and behold, one did! See the deal below: Read the rest of this entry


Delta Gets Rid Of Check-In Process For App Users, Automatically Checks Them In

Making sure to check-in 24 hours exactly before a flight will be a thing of uses of Delta’s iPhone app. I woke this morning to a Delta iOS app update saying they’ve eliminated the check-in process, and that my boarding pass will automatically appear 24 hours before my flight. Details and thoughts below: Read the rest of this entry

Getting To Provincetown & Events This Summer


Photo via PBG

Getting to Provincetown has never been a quick and easy feat. Once you get to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area, you can drive right through all of Cape Cod until arriving to the end point where this New England gay Mecca lies.

It takes about two hours and a half from Providence or Boston to P’town, this of course is without the summer traffic, which can keep you on the highway for an extra hour or two. Just under 10 square miles of land, you don’t even need a car in P’town with its several taxis, pedicabs and shuttle services throughout the two main streets; Commercial and Bradford.

Many take a fast ferry during season, mid-May to mid-October, from Boston Harbor Cruises or Bay State Cruise; both can get you there in 90 minutes. Bay State is adding a new ship to their arsenal this summer, and a new service on Mondays for those of you eager to kickoff your trip as early as possible—6:30 a.m., running from July 1st to August 26th. If you are in luck and have sunny weather, make sure to have your camera handy for beautful photos of the Massachsetts, Plymouth, and Cape Cod bays.


Photo by Andrew Villagomez

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Virgin America Named Best Airline


The gay friendly Virgin America has been named the best airline by Consumer Reports, based on more than 16,000 readers who told the magazine about over of 30,000 domestic flights.

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JetBlue Celebrates Gay Couple


A destination selection is only part of your next travel adventure. Then there is the process of selecting a place to stay, deciding to rent a car or to cab it everywhere, and of course, how you’ll get there in the first place. If flying is part of your journey, why not select an airline that is vocal on supporting the LGBT community—or even better, ones that show you the support in person during your flight experience.

Recently, JetBlue shared the story of fiancées Rick and Liam, and their journey from Burbank, CA to New York City—to wed in a state where their marriage would be legal.


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