JetBlue Celebrates Gay Couple


A destination selection is only part of your next travel adventure. Then there is the process of selecting a place to stay, deciding to rent a car or to cab it everywhere, and of course, how you’ll get there in the first place. If flying is part of your journey, why not select an airline that is vocal on supporting the LGBT community—or even better, ones that show you the support in person during your flight experience.

Recently, JetBlue shared the story of fiancées Rick and Liam, and their journey from Burbank, CA to New York City—to wed in a state where their marriage would be legal.


On December 12, 2012, not only were they welcomed and cared for as all other passengers on Flight 350, but when flight attendants Virginia, Nichola, and Dan found out about the couple and their upcoming plans to tie the knot, they were overcome with happiness for the two men.

“Shortly after we returned to our seats, our flight attendants surprised us!” recalled Rick and Liam in a letter to David Barger (President and CEO of JetBlue Airways). “[They] all came to our seats with a beautifully wrapped blue basket of the delicious JetBlue snacks and a congratulations card with handwritten notes from each of them expressing their best wishes for our wedding.”


The inflight joy did not stop there. The Captain later found out about the couple, and joyfully announced the engagement for the entire plane. “Love was in the air—literally and figuratively!”

You’d think this story would stop there with the couple saying goodbye to their short lived inflight celeb-like treatment, but no, it gets so much sweeter! Mid-flight, the couple learned from Virginia that they’d need a witness to wed at City Hall. They almost panicked, but then native-New Yorker Virginia graciously offered to appear as their witness during her time off. “We were genuinely moved by such an incredible act of kindness—and by such a beautiful human being!”


Not only did she attend, but she even brought the couple a special wedding cake from classic New York sweet stop, Billy’s Bakery.

The couple celebrated their three month anniversary as newlyweds on March 12—when JetBlue shared this story on their blog, BlueTales. JetBlue (or perhaps their new friends, it wasn’t clear) also sent them a special small treat on their anniversary:


All photos via JetBlue’s BlueTravels, and H/T to Towleroad

I applaud JetBlue for the fine job they’ve been doing over the past couple of years for the LGBT community. From the company’s first major Pride celebration with JetPride in 2010 (the first American gay pride flight from San Fran to Long Beach) to their recent signing of a brief with the Supreme Court against DOMA (along 300 other companies).


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