Bop or Flop: Postmates ‘Bottom-Friendly Menu’

Corporate Pride has gotten bold and is highlighting top and bottom culture. First Burger King Austria released its two tops or two bottoms burger, and now Postmates has entered the scene with its new “bottom-friendly menu” as part of the company’s Eat With Pride campaign.

“We know that not every meal is ideal if you plan on getting frisky soon after eating, and while heterosexual sex education is prevalent, there’s not a lot of conversation out there about the best foods to eat before you engage in anal sex,” says the food delivery app in a release. To help, Postmates has partnered with anal surgeon and sexual health and wellness expert Dr. Evan Goldstein for a menu filled with bottom-friendly food from restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City.

While the in-app menu will only be available in these two cities, the company also released a video – said to have been conceptualized by a team of LGBTQIA+ employees – to share the news and feature tips on what types of food to avoid and have when planning to engage in penetrative sex. Narrated by professional gay and funny hunk, Rob Anderson, the stop motion video features topping leather clad eggplants and bottoming peaches as they journey through the do’s and don’ts of food selection for bottoms. 

Since it’s release an hour ago, the Twitter reactions have been pouring in:

“Well…OKAY THEN, Postmates. Was waiting for the @DUDEwipes endorsement at the end, lol.” – @ComrieQuinn

“I would pay money to have been a fly on the wall of the meeting where marketing people pitched this to Postmates executives.” – @AlexanderMcCoy4

“Postmates, Bespoke Surgical, and Rob Anderson, the unholiest trinity” – @carebearscare91

“Tops after Postmates inevitably fucks up a bottom’s bottom-friendly order” – @gay_pnw, who followed with a photo of guy covered in mud (at least I hope it’s mud!)

“postmates just emailed me a “bottom-friendly” menu and its all iced coffee im – contacting my lawyer now” – @JulianBarker27

“Chile, Postmates done created a whole menu for bottoms in honor of Pride 💀. Baby these companies’ marketing teams be giving NO fucks every single June 😭💀😂😅” – @infamousRIOT

“I feel targeted🤣 @Postmates #bottom #pride” – @rob4evaa

So what do you think about this Postmates and anal sex education collab – bop or flop? 

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