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About Vee Travels

vee-travelsWelcome to Vee Travels! I’m Andrew Villagomez (or Andy Vee if I’m meeting you with a drink in hand), and Vee Travels is a lifestyle blog that is based on my travels in life (personally and literally). I focus on men’s fashion and travel, and I cover these and other lifestyle topics as a freelance writer and photographer.

Here you’ll find styled menswear outfits and accessory sets, new collections, fashion week coverage, street style photos, shopping guides, grooming and tech reviews, travel photography, hotel stays, LGBTQ+ life, and more travel and fashion lifestyle features.

About Andrew Villagomez

andrew-villagomez-andyveenyc-vee-travelsAlong with running Vee Travels I’m a freelance writer, journalist and photographer. I cover various topics that are important to me, which is why Vee Travels has so many different subjects covered. Among them, men’s fashion, lifestyle, LGBTQ+ news, food, and travel.

I’ve contributed fashion, lifestyle, and travel content for over eight years to publications such as Edge Media NetworkTravel + Leisure, Matador Network, Conde Nast Traveler, Passport, Out, ThePointsGuy.com, AskMen.com, Oyster.com, Thrillist.com, and more.

As a freelancer I’m open to any and all work in the areas of journalism, photography, web production, blogging, photo research and editing, social media, travel planning, and consulting.

More About Me:

Along with a Masters of Science in publishing (with a focus on magazine), I’m well versed in print and digital production and procedures, and have created original, high traffic content through SEO and CMS skills. I utilize social media to not only promote articles and slideshows I create and/or produce, but the brands as well, through live event coverage and knowledge of social media tactics and best practices. My writing, research and story developing skills are complemented by creative and photo skills, such as experience with Adobe programs, photo editing and sizing, and photo composite and page layout design.

For more info or inquires regarding VeeTravels.com or the publications I contribute to, drop me a line at:  AndrewVillagomez@gmail.com

Follow me and the blog on Twitter and Instagram: @VeeTravels

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