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Gay Marriage For Uruguay & New Zealand


Photos via Out (left) and Marriage Equality NZ (right)

The past week has brought  great progress for the LGBT community worldwide in the fight for marriage equality. Last Wednesday, Uruguay, the first South American country to allow civil unions, legalized same-sex marriage when the country’s lower house members overwhelmingly voted in favor of the bill—71 out of 92 members!

“We are living a historic moment,” said Federico Grana, a leader of the Black Sheep Collective, a gay rights group that drafted the bill proposal. “In terms of the steps needed, we calculate that the first gay couples should be getting married 90 days after the promulgation of the law, or in the middle of July.”

Now just one week after Uruguay, New Zealand joins as the 13th location in the world where same-sex marriage is fully legalized, and it is also the first in the Asia-Pacific region to do so, according the Associated Press.

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JetBlue Celebrates Gay Couple


A destination selection is only part of your next travel adventure. Then there is the process of selecting a place to stay, deciding to rent a car or to cab it everywhere, and of course, how you’ll get there in the first place. If flying is part of your journey, why not select an airline that is vocal on supporting the LGBT community—or even better, ones that show you the support in person during your flight experience.

Recently, JetBlue shared the story of fiancées Rick and Liam, and their journey from Burbank, CA to New York City—to wed in a state where their marriage would be legal.


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