Grooming Essentials For A Long Trip


When packing for a long trip that will last six days or more, it’s important to bring along grooming products that would be most essential to save on luggage space. While you can of course buy anything else you’d need during your travels, the following should be enough for most essential (and basics) needs while leaving you ready for each day:

  • A Good Multipurpose Hair & Body Wash – While every hotel has the bare essentials, they can be bland (but not in all cases, especially if the hotel has unique products). English Laundry 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash is a great choice for a light and refreshing scent that includes light notes of citrus and coconut that can easily be topped by a fragrance. ($20)
  • A Refined Scent – A favorite fragrance is always a must, and Kenneth Cole Mankind could be your new go-to if you like the idea of fruitful notes (pineapple, pear) and tarragon leaves mixing with light notes of cinnamon and sandalwood.  Has been noted as great nighttime scent as well, so keep in mind when trying out. ($72)
  • For A Healthy Face – Instead of using the regular face wash soaps at hotels, opt for a face scrub that has extra features to just a clean face. Noted to be formulated for normal or oily skin types, Lab Series Invigorating Face Scrub helps to remove dead skin cells while also unclogging any pores, leaving you feeling extra refreshed and looking quite cleansed and younger in a way. ($25)
  • To Shave Or Trim Facial Hair – Always good to have some shaving cream and after shave handy if you like keeping your face beardless or keep your facial hair nice and neat. Beardition Shave Cream & After Shave offers a naturally created product to help you keep the hair off or neat. Features ingredients of organic aloe leaf extract, Vitamin E and organic tea tree essential oil, topped with an essence of bamboo oil. ($36)
  • To Style Hair – Another product that’s always good to have handy is hair gel or cream for styling needs. Crafted in Italy, Davines Hold Cream Gel leaves you with a strong, polished look with its pearly cream-gel that can be used on wet or dry hair. ($24)

Shot while staying in Puerto Vallarta’s Olas Atlas Suites, my bedroom in the apartment suite had an amazing purple toned paint job with a lovely contrasting yellow-gold painting you see a small glimpse above (a post about my stay there coming soon!).

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