Men’s Travel Essentials For Healthier Skin From Epicuren

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Traveling can be stressful at times, which not only takes a toll on our minds, but can negativity affect our skin as well. One way to fight back to you keep the skin healthy is to use a moisturizer, but why just pick up a random bottle from the drug store when you can get quality that has added benefits.

I stumbled upon Epicuren Discovery, a skin treatment brand from California that offers an array of enzyme and propolis based skin care and spa products. The core of its line is based around Epicuren’s own enzyme protein complex, Metadermabolic, which encourages the skin to self-rejuvenate through a combination of a waterborne solution of B Vitamins. Epicuren describes this process to be like aerobic exercises supporting our metabolism.

After looking through the catalog of products, I tried out ones that seemed best suited for men. With new, smaller sizes released this year, I’ve selected four different products that will not only are the perfect travel size, but each are great for all skin types and offer aid to different parts of your journey (pictured from left to right):


All-Purpose: Avocado Soothing Moisturizer
I love avocados, tastes great and does wonders for the skin. This nourishing body product comes with the added benefit of the avocado (oil and puree) for anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Useful for all skins to keep them smooth, it is especially helpful for dry or mature skin. (2 oz, $10)

Hair Control: Smoothest Shave Cream
Probably one of the best smelling shaving creams I’ve tried, the scent of the various greens and fruit extracts make the process more appetizing. The cream reduces the possibility of razor burn and irritation with lubricants that help the razor glide across your face and body as needed. (2.5 oz, $10)

Sore Muscles: Relief Arnica Cream
If you workout regularly, you probably do when traveling as well. If you get sore from a workout, or even just after a morning or day of flights, this cream is designed to assist muscle relaxation and relieve the feeling of a tense, sore body through the use of performance ingredient, Arnica. According to Epicuren researchers, this ingredient is widely used for treating strains, sprains and bruises and is a must have ingredients for athletes of all levels. (2 oz, $14)

To Renew: Colostrum Hydrating Mist
My favorite from the bunch because you can use it anytime to liven up how you feel, plus gives your skin many bonus factors. The mist renews, restores and increases hydration with its life-supporting immune factors, growth factors, amino acids, and nutrients. It feels wonderful when used on the face, but can be used on the body and even hair. (2 oz, $36)

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