Binge Worthy: Queen of the South (Plus – A Passion for Photography)


This post is sponsored by USA Network but all opinions are my own.

Watching some reruns of Modern Family on my DVR I spotted a commercial for the upcoming second season of Queen of the South – and I’m glad I didn’t skip through it! Allured by the grim and opulent scenes, my first sip of this female-empowerment narco drama was taken. I knew I would need to look up the show and watch an episode or two at least. Then the opportunity to do this sponsored post with USA Network came up days later and I took it as a sign that I was meant to watch the show. Cut to me bingeing the whole first season on Netflix in a weekend! Keep reading below to see why you should be watching this show – and also find out how I #slay like the main characters:

Without giving everything away, Queen of the South tells the story of the main character Teresa Mendoza’s rise to run the biggest drug empire in the Western Hemisphere (as she puts it in the opening scene of the show). Throughout the action packed, grim, ritzy drama (set between Sinaloa, Mexico and Dallas, Texas), we see that this rise comes out of necessity for Teresa (played by the talented Alice Braga) to survive due to unfortunate outcomes that seem to plague her every move. Though with each dark occurrence, she slays by thriving, being resourceful, and staying (or somehow getting to) a step a head of everyone that’s after her or using her. After the first episode, you’ll see why you’ll want to binge and not turn the tablet off!

Check out some clips here

I’m so excited for the new season’s premiere on Thursday, June 8th to see what’s next for Teresa as she moves up in the ranks of cartel underworld to Queenpin. Throughout the series as it tells Teresa’s past on her way to becoming a fierce leader, her “Queen” persona is portrayed for us to see what’s going on in her mind at the time and how she mentally gets through everything by relying on herself. She is able to #slay every obstacle by encouraging herself to continue moving forward, thinking quickly, and again, being resourceful. Teresa is quite an inspiring character to take notes from, especially in the world of freelancing and blogging since we always to be hustling and quick thinking as well.

Reflecting on my life as a freelance and blogger, I’ve certainly had moments where I #slay. Taking just one aspect of the crazy hustle and bustle lifestyle, photography has been a hobby passion ever since I was a child and has since become a big part of my life. Since I started my blog and freelancing four years ago I’ve gotten to showcase my talents much more than I thought I would growing up. Self taught, I continue to hone my skills with the camera. I recently traveled to South Africa (slaying with my safari attire of course – since style is a whole other passion for me) and am proud of moments I captured. In particular, after focusing on just sticking to one 40mm lens for its portability,  I dug out my old 75-300mm zoom lens to bring along and to teach myself how to use again. I’m SOOO glad I did since I got to photograph giraffes, zebras, and other beautiful creatures in their natural environments up close without scaring them off or disturbing them – and I think I did a pretty good job.

Stay tuned for more South Africa soon!

Recently I have decided I want to get into more photojournalism to further inspire everyone to see the world,and to focus more time on my photography to help develop my skills further. Because even though I’ve gotten to contribute stories (and a couple photo stories in some cases) to the likes of Travel + Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, and Conde Nast Traveler, I want want to further expand my profession as a photographer. I still plan on blogging and freelance writing as well, but my shutter bug self needs to go out and #slay some more. 🙂

Others looking to #slay just need to simply follow their passion(s), be resourceful and quick thinking, and never look back (as it distracts from the now and of what’s ahead).

With that, I can’t wait to get see how Teresa continues to slay and thrive in the new season of Queen of the South! Make sure to tune in on Thursday, June 8th at 10/9c on USA for it if you’ve already finished season one. And you can tune in each week Thursday for new episodes. Visit here for a preview and clips from the first season.


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