11 Must-Have Travel Tech Accessories for International Travel

Beyond the smartphone, tablet and/or laptop,  these are the essential tech tools to travel with for an enjoyable flight and peace of mind while traveling abroad. From a portable WiFi device to finding your new favorite headphones, find the 11 must-haves below:

Data & Portable WiFi Device

While you certainly don’t need to be connected to the digital world to have a good time while on holiday, you can certainly enjoy your travels more with it (not to mention how helpful it can be when trying to get from A to B). You don’t need to spring for an international package with your home-base carrier, and you can instead go for a service local to the destination you are visiting or a separate service that works in certain parts of the world. One I’ve been grateful to use is FreedomPop – which is perfect for Europe travel. The U.S.-based provided offers limited free service through its $10 SIM cards and use of its app. Yes, free, and 200 minutes and 200 mb of data specifically. You can spring for more talk time and data through different services with plans starting at $15.99 a month. Along with the U.S., service is available in 24 European countries – with Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and other countries listed as having supported services coming soon.

You’ll need a portable WiFi device to make the most of your international service across multiple devices. I’ve been a fan of Novatel’s MiFi 2 mobile hotspot (pictured above), which is pretty seamless after you connect to its WiFi once the card is inserted. It can let you connect up to 10 devices, and offers up 16 hours of battery life.

Comfortable Headphones and Earphones

Having an efficient pair of headphones and earphones is very important, but also having ones that are comfortable to wear and easy to travel with. Opt for headphones with a leather cushioning (and that are able to fold into a nice case) and soft earphones. A couple of favorites:

Harman Kardon SoHo Wireless – white ($249 – pictured above)

Master & Dynamic Earphones – black ($199)

Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones ($349 – pictured below)

Power Plug & International Adapters

Always have a few extra power plugs, and travel with at least two in case you need both (or a travel companion needs one) or to have one as a backup if the other gets lost. You should have a couple already from various smartphones and device purchases, but a new one to consider is with a dual USB ports to have two devices plugged in. Accell offers its Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit with International Plug Adapters ($22 – pictured above), which brings me to the next topic – international adapters. This tool from Accell gets you both (with the plug adapters easily sliding on and off the main dual USB plug), but in case shopping for more to charge up more devices, I’d also recommend Flight 001’s colorful 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter ($25). Both set of plug adapters helps you charge in 150 countries.

Multi Power Unit

If traveling with family or a larger group of friends, or you just have a ton of things to charge up (which can happen, especially road trips, cruises or if your a photo enthusiast), you might want a power station for not just USB chargeable devices, but the two-prong ones as well. Accell’s Home or Away Power Station – 3 Outlet Travel Surge Protector ($20) is your perfect solution and lets you charge up to five different electronics.

Charing Cables

If you’re in the market for a new cable for your micro USB device or a lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad, Paracable ($24 – pictured above)offers well designed, colorful cables for both. They are made to last, have a knit wrapped style over durable copper mesh and shielding, help for a quick charge, and come in a length of 5 feet.

Another helpful cable to have if you’ve upgrade to the newer family of iPhones and still want to use wired headphones or earphones, is Belkin’s Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar ($40). This nifty tool connects to your phone via the Lightning port and allows you to plug in your headphone or earphone into the Rockstar for a connection. While that is connected, you can also still charge the device by attaching to the device’s second Lightning port.

Portable Battery

Basically essential to everyday life these days is a portable battery to charge up while on the go. There are tons of styles and I have a lot of favorites myself (I usually carry two now when I travel – one big and one small). Among the newer styles to consider getting is the MyCharge RazorPlatinum ($99 – pictured above). With a battery capacity of 13400mAh (which should give you about four full iPhone charges – red to 100), this pretty charger is made from anodized aluminum, and along with being able to charge your phone, tablet and other devices through the standard USB-A port, it can also charge a Macbook (2016 or later) with its USB-C port.

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