Travel Insurance Claims Made Easier With Allianz’s New Innovations 

Having insurance for your travels, or any life aspect for that matter, gives peace of mind from start to finish. From the minute you book the flights to picking up your luggage at baggage claim once you’ve returned from the trip, it’s a good to know that if something goes wrong, you are covered. However, filing a claim and its process can be a real headache. 

“Customers often feel that the process is too cumbersome, rigid and time consuming and doesn’t meet the needs of today’s on-the-go consumer,” shares leading travel insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance USA. To help make the process more user-friendly, Allianz recently launched a new suite of innovations and improvements to make filing a travel insurance claim and receiving payment faster and easier. 

I’ve partnered with Allianz for this post to share the news, but am very much in favor for more streamlined processes – as these improvements are shaping up to be – after my own experience with the claims process.

While I luckily haven’t had to deal with a severe claim in my life yet, I did get a new smartphone  stolen from me while traveling in London this past summer and filed a claim for that with a credit card that covered it since it was still being a new purchase at the time of theft. The whole ordeal was unfortunate of course, but it was quite frustrating and troublesome to gather all the evidence for my claim (such as a purchase receipt, copy of the police report, and proof that my device wasn’t covered by my phone service nor the smartphone maker) on top of filing a pre-filing claim form and one with all the supplements, mailing the latter, then having to wait for a letter letting me know if the claim is approved, and finally waiting for the credit. I understand all that was needed and grateful that my device was protected, but felt it could’ve been done better. One simple solution would’ve been for the claim process being digital instead of having to print out forms, run out and make copies of the forms and the supplements, and mail out.

It’s wonderful that Allianz has implemented more features for a digital claims process. Consumers now have the option to file travel insurance claims on the company’s website using any device or through the company’s TravelSmart mobile app. The TravelSmart app now includes a “Claims” button that can be used to file and track claims. The claims forms are also more intuitive now according to Allianz, with an easier to understand look and feel. The redesign is meant to help customers complete the requested information faster, more accurately and with fewer questions, and it should also help consumers avoid payment delays caused by incomplete claim forms.

Also new, the customer can now select their preferred payment method when they file a claim – including direct deposit or receiving a check by mail (and a debit card deposit option will be available in May). Allianz added that selecting the direct deposit option reduces the time it takes to receive payment to as little as 1 or 2 days. Video of the new features here, but also some screen grab examples are below:

With the ability to file claims on mobile devices, easier forms, and direct deposit, not only should the customer’s time spent on the claims process be minimized, but also the feeling of it as a burdened should be significantly reduced.

If you’re interested about how to get Allianz Global Assistance, they offer travel insurance through most major U.S. airlines, leading travel agents, online travel agencies, other travel suppliers and directly to consumers. 

Thanks to Allianz Travel Insurance for sponsoring this post, providing travel coverage for the unexpected. Vee Travels received financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company).

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