Being Wired for Perfect Streaming


One of the things I really miss when I’m traveling is my home’s Internet speed. It’s kind of sad, but true and honest since we live in such a connected time. A fast internet connection is important for work and leisure – in particular, streaming content on various devices. Whether it’s a streaming service used to re-watch favorite shows and movies or getting lost in the pages of YouTube, we are always watching something (or planning on it later). An excellent way to stay wired is with Frontier.

I’ve been partnering with the connection service for a few months now, and have bee very pleased with the services. In particular, the Internet services. I’ve discussed all the Frontier Internet options before, but now sharing on the visual value you get. Personally, I’m using a High Speed Internet service of 24 mbps dedicated just to my home, and I’m getting a pretty perfect stream on Netflix as I can. I can’t even remeber the last Netflix buff I’ve had that wasn’t the app’s fault.

I’m also using Frontier’s Vantage TV (on which you can also stream Netflix in SD and HD), and one of my TVs is connected to the service through a wireless router (something I just learned about). It works as it sounds, and the TV service is transmitted wirlessly. This option is ideally if a room you’d like a TV in doesn’t have a cable to be connected to. The Frontier TV service through the wireless router has been great as well. Since I’m being honest, I have had some issues with it, but have been statifesd overall with it since it’s maybe about 1/30 times or so that’s there’s been a buffer. I’m also using the wired service, and that has been flawless so far. I’ll be talking more about the TV options soo, but you can take a peak here, and visit here for more Internet services info.

It should also be noted that signing up for Internet service through Frontier ensures direct access to their support services. Frontier is always working to make life easier, and are doing so by adding more U.S.-based customer service employees. Help is available 24/7.

Thanks to Frontier for sponsoring today’s story. All opinions are of course my own.

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