Finding the Right High Speed Internet for Blogging (and to Stay Connected)


While having a reliable service on the go and while traveling is a necessity, it’s just as important to having a strong Internet connection at home. I recently partnered with Frontier Communications for a series of blog posts each on there services, and after getting a taste of what they offer, my favorite is the High Speed Internet service. A fast and strong connection is very important for what I do as both a blogger and a freelancer, and let’s face it, in this digitally driven time we live in, a fast Internet connection is important to almost every facet of life.

Looking into Frontier was a real adult moment for me since I was just on the same Internet plan that I’ve had for years. Cable? I would just stream things on my laptop, so by partnering with Frontier it’s been great to get back to watching TV in real time (or recording and watching later – but I’ll save all that for a future post). So with this switch, I’ve upgrade to 24 mbps High Speed Internet now – which with Frontier, is just dedicated to my home and not shared with others (something I didn’t even know my previous Internet plan was in). This faster service has made emailing, photo uploading and blogging much more streamlined for me, and Netflixing is so much better now (have to have my Kimmy Schmidt or Bob’s Burgers on in the background, because #faves). And being the digital hoarder I am, downloading files and everything I need has gotten quicker – giving me more time to Instagram, Tinder and other important life tools to a single millennial. 🙂

So what I’ve learned is that Frontier can offer those looking for a new service three different choices:  FiOS, High-Speed Internet and Satellite service plans. Enabling Wi-Fi from a central location in the home allows users to do anything and everything they need from the Web. The FiOS and Vantage 100% Fiber Optic Networks from Frontier is said to take the internet to a whole new level with speeds as fast as 1 Gigabit – reducing or almost completely eliminating lag to give the user more time to enjoy what they are doing (whether it’s downloading a new game, Skypeing with friends or family, streaming Netflix, or uploading photos or a new video).

The Frontier option depends on where the service will be, but for those in remote areas, the Frontier Satellite Internet can mean staying connected when access to other high-speed technology isn’t always possible. Said to be specifically designed for customers who reside in under-served locations, Frontier offers flexible terms and pricing – and switching with Frontier can be a breeze. After you decide on what you want to switch to, just make sure you stay connected to your old provider until the switch is complete.

A list of states serviced is below, and when you are ready to find out more, visit here (and if in Spanish is better, you can also visit here).

    • East Region: Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
    • Southeast Region: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina
    • Central Region: Michigan, Wisconsin
    • National Region: Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Utah
    • Mid-South Region: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
    • South Region: Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas
    • West Region: California, Oregon, Washington
Thanks to Frontier for sponsoring today’s story. All opinions are of course my own.

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