Watching TV Anywhere With Vantage TV by Frontier


Technology amazes me all the time. I’ve been late to the DVR party (I know …), but since I’ve started using the tool through my Vantage TV by Frontier, I’ve been loving it. With traveling and going into the city often, I make use of my DVR all the time. Recording new episodes of favorite shows (this winter season those include American Housewife, The Mick, and Agents of Shield), reruns, and moves to watch later. Along with DVR, another nifty tool that Frontier offers is TV Anywhere, which, as the name implies, lets you enjoy what’s on TV anywhere you are. More below:

TV Anywhere

tv-anywhere-tabletEntertainment is right at your finger tips with your phone or tablet, on your laptop, or any other device you can use for streaming with Frontier’s TV Anywhere function. Free to Frontier customers who subscribe to FiOS in California, Florida, Indiana, Oregon, Texas and Washington, and to Frontier customers who subscribe to Vantage TV in Connecticut, parts of New York, and Durham, North Carolina.

Through TV Anywhere, FrontierTV lets you watch 70+ channels of live TV. Watch Live TV and On Demand shows, browse the programming guide, and manage your DVR using the app. You can also download popular shows from the mobile library to watch later on your device. Some TV channels require you to download their app for viewing when you are away from home, such as FXX (which I use all the time to watch The Simpsons).

TV Anywhere is helpful to use while you are on the go (though better to use when you are stationary in your home away from home), or even at home in any room you don’t have a TV in (or if in a family, when you find all the TV’s occupied). I mean, I have Will & Grace (thanks Frontier for having LogoTV as one the channels that works on the app!) on my iPad next to my laptop as I type this. Amazing!

Vantage TV

While you are at home, take advantage of Vantage TV by Frontier. With this service you get 100% digital HD picture quality, Total Home DVR, instant channel change, super-fast navigation through an interactive program guide, enhanced search, Video on Demand, the ability to see up to six channels at once, and much more. Find out more here.


Thanks to Frontier for sponsoring today’s story. All opinions are of course my own.

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