Mustache Grooming Tips for Post-Movemeber


Now that it’s December 1st, Movember is officially over. Participants in the annual month of beard and mustache growing might want to clean up or completing shave off their facial hair. However, if you’ve fallen in love with your mustache, The Art of Shaving has provide some tips to help you keep it well groomed:

Step 1: “To start –prepare, lather up! Closely shave the rest of your face (all but your mustache) and moisturize to soothe dry skin after shaving.”

Step 2: “Use mustache scissors to lightly snip bottom hairs of the mustache. To finish, use scissors to trim the tops of the very tips of the mustache, to your liking.”

Step 3: “Use a mustache comb to make a part in the middle of the upper lip and comb hair sideways away from the part, toward the cheeks on each side.”

Step 4: “Use a small amount of mustache wax to mold your mustache, paying special attention to the tips. Let the mustache wax sit for a moment to slightly harden. Then use your finger to style and curl the tips as desired.”

The Art of Shaving offers a mustache maintenance set with a scissors, a comb and wax for mustache care. In case you’d rather shave all your facial hair off and have a clean face, find some useful travel-friendly tools here.

Image via The Art of Shaving’s “Confessions of a Gentleman” video

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