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How Hard Work Pays Off for Travel-ful Life (In Partnership with Don Julio)


“Work hard with honesty. Never judge anybody.” These are words to live by for a life of happiness, earned success and to help further explore one’s passions such as travel, photography or other life pleasures. I heard this expression in a video about Don Julio González, the man behind the well-known Don Julio Tequila brand that he established in 1942, and I can’t get the messages out of my head. This video is inspiring and uplifting, but also very picturesque that it will make you want to visit Mexico and the agave fields. The clip (which you can watch below) was shared by Don Julio Tequila in honor of Dia de los Muertos and has me reflecting on what I’ve worked for that sets me apart: being a travel journalist and blogger. More below: Read the rest of this entry

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