Men’s Accessories To Own This Fall

Get you style game on point by taking advantage of season’s accessory trends for men. Other men’s accessories such as ties, belts, pocket squares, etc. tend to work best when picked out for individual outfits or groups of outfits – and year round of course. But as far as the trends go, these ideas will give you a few good ideas to go with as you ease into the fall:

Combination Shoes

That’s not really the technical term, but it’s a valid description for the increasingly popular style of a sneaker-like shoe that uses a dressier fabric. Esquire wrote about why these shoes are necessities for men this fall, essentially pointing out the ways in which they combine casual and formal concepts. Often designed as slip-ons, more in line with the summer, the warm and stylish fabrics they’re made of are more appropriate for cooler weather and lend a certain versatility to the shoes.

Colorful Sunglasses

Color in sunglasses is something a lot of people embrace in the summer season, but it doesn’t have to stop there. For the fall, you’ll still want to keep the light out of your eyes, but you can enjoy a little more freedom to do so with a favorite color, or one picked for a given outfit. AskMen pointed to Wayfayers as a must-have year-round style, and this is a nice place to start when you’re doing your shopping. They’re extremely fashionable, tend to come in a lot of colors, and are surprisingly affordable for their quality and reputation.

Casual Watches

There’s an undeniable trend toward casual styles in men’s watches this year. Some might attribute this to the widening appeal of smart watches, but the trend applies to more traditional pieces as well. This is demonstrated pretty clearly at Lyst’s lineup of fall watches from brands that range in price. You’ll see classic sporty G-Shocks, Tsovets and Miansais going for unembellished leather straps, and a number of brands opting for streamlined, athletically styled silicone bands. There’s also a lot of color, both in straps and on displays.


Men’s designers have come out with a lot of great rucksacks to take over for the usual backpacks and satchels. There are several rucksacks out there that basically function as multipurpose backpacks with ultra-casual appearances and others employing subtler, higher-end looks. Whatever the specific design, rucksacks are spectacularly versatile, and thus easy for guys to enjoy.



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