The Best Travel Movies to Watch on Netflix


I can’t remember if I shared about it already, but I’ve started contributing to Travel + Leisure! One of my favorite articles to have worked on for them this summer was on travel films to queue up your Netflix with. Details below:

With films like Into the Wild, Lost in Translation and Funny Face sadly no longer available on the digital streaming service, I searched for other travel-related films that could be watched this summer. Among them, was happy to find favorites such as Amelie (above), Charade (below), and the cheesy but feel-good View from the Top still available to watch, and I came across over 15 others.


Over on, you’ll find details of 20 different films that we highlighted. Let me know if any of them are your favorite or if I missed any!


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  1. The Trip and The Trip to Italy! YES! So good!! Congrats on the T+L gig!


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