Travel Packing Tips for Carry-On


If you’re like me and prefer to speed through the airport when traveling, flying with only a carry-on is essential. I’ve started writing for Yahoo Travel and my first article provides tips on how to pack for your carry-on luggage for an international flight. Three key points from the article that I’d like to share for you apply to all forms of travel — whether it is local or international, warm or cold weather, and short or long trips:

1. Maximize the size of your luggage and personal bag: go with the largest roller luggage you are allowed, and opt for a backpack instead of small bags since they do fit under your seat.

2. Wear your largest / heaviest clothes and pair of shoes: to give yourself more space in the luggage and backpack.

3. Pack your toiletries in your personal bag: to make it easier to take out during security so you don’t waste anymore than time need there.

I provide more tips and elaborate on the above with examples in my Yahoo Travel article, which you can find here – please do check it out 🙂

Photo above comes from my trip to London last winter. Luggage and backpack are Tumi, and you can see outfit posts here and here.

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