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Outfit: Modern Bohemian Techie Style


I fell for this Denim & Supply tribal print pullover my friend and blog model James showed me, and knew I could go two ways with it. Instead of just putting together a full boho look, I decided to dress it up—but still keeping it casual—with a weather appropriate dapper overcoat. Then adding some tech flair via a tech case from Trask (currently sold out, but here’s the spring option)


James’ well groomed hair and scruff also greatly added to the modern effect of this look I styled, but again still keeping it casual with jeans and a pair of  TOMS+ camo suede ridge botas (also giving it some light pattern clashing).  Shot just as the winter shops in Bryant Park closed up.


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Outfit: How To Add Color Blocking To Your Work Style


Spruce up your work style this winter by adding a little color blocking to your look. If you haven’t ventured into this trend yet, no better time than the present. Shot before the holidays, I styled Vee Travels blog model James to show you how effortlessly it can be done.

I love accessories, no question about that, and when I saw this Coach commuter bag I knew it was perfect this service-y post for guys who haven’t color blocked yet. Using the typical khaki slacks and a striped button down shirt look, I used the color scheme of the bag to add on the rest of the look.


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