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Indochino’s Online Experience And The New Modern Dandy Collection


It doesn’t get more dapper than a bespoke shirt or suit, and thanks to made-to-measure e-stores like Indochino, you have the convenience of measuring yourself on your clock. Where this Vancouver-based brand can differ from its competitors is the amount of customizability one can have with a shirt or suit, which are made from the same quality materials used by Zegna and Ralph Laurenβ€”and with an appealing price. Seriously, you can order both a custom shirt and a two-piece suit for just over $500 (Essentials shirts start at $79, suits at $449).

Online Experience

Something pretty cool Indochino offers is a Tailor’s Kit, which is filled with 16 fabric swatches to show you the options in person, plus two measuring tapes. Available for $29, you then get a credit for the same amount to use towards an order. I ordered a shirt and will be focusing the online ordering experience of it.

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