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John Varvatos’ Detailed & Versatile Artisan Acqua Fragrance


The third fragrance from John Varvatos’ Artisan collection, the Artisan Acqua is one you’ll want in your collection for more than the Mediterranean-inspired light, but versatile scent of citrus blended with spices and herbs. Visually appealing and making summer that more desirable, the packaging is a clear flask-like bottle that has a beautiful hand-woven  rattan cover over it with an antique cooper cap and tag—showing the same detailing Varvatos gives his clothing.

Citruses in the scent include tangelo, mandarin and paradisamide (a fruit note of guava and passion fruit with a little bit of grapefruit, rhubarb and cassis), and greens take over with the heart notes of clary sage, lavender, coriander, toscanol and others. The scent is fresh and light, allowing you to use it during the day or for a night out, and would pair well with either the casual look of jeans and a tee or with a crisp dress shirt, tie and trousers. 4.2 oz, $84, John Varvatos

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Gift Guide: Fragrances and Bags For Her


Continuing Vee Travels’ gift guide series, this last week before the holidays features two kinds of essential gifts for her: fragrances and bags.


Lolita Lempicka – Elle L’Aim


Released this fall, the Elle L’Aim fragrance from Lolita Lempicka is sweet with coconus, vanilla and citrus, and is available in a holiday set with a paired body lotion and gold cuff that matches the gold design of the bottle. (2.7 oz, $100, Neiman Marcus)

Hugo Boss – Boss Jour Pour Femme 


Hugo Boss’ newest fragrance for women, this everyday scent features white flowers and citrus. Perfect for both work and play. (2.5 oz, $100, Hugo Boss)

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Gift Guide: 6 Men’s Fragrances For Every Occasion


The holiday shopping season is among us, which means it’s time to start thinking gifts. Continuing Vee Travels’ gift guide series, this week covers six great men’s fragrances to use in different occasions and situations:

Make A Statement: Odin’s 11 Semma


Recently released from the New York boutique Odin, the 11 Semma is vibrant, but not overpowering. Using  a concoction of chile pepper, clove, myrrh, cinnamon and tobacco leaf, Odin’s 11 Semma offers a sweet, woodland masculine and feminine scent that is perfect for man (or a woman as it is unisex) who wants to stand out. (3.4 oz, $165, Odin)

Vacation Refresher: James Bond 007 Ocean Royale


When James Bond comes to mind, there are a number of ocean and Caribbean scenes to recall, which is why the icon’s fragrance brand went with the sea for the inspiration of the 007 Ocean Royale. The user will feel refreshed when the bergamot, lime, anise and seaweed accord touches his skin, then the Jamaican woods take over to get the user even more vacation ready. (1.7 oz, $40,

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Coach’s New Leather-Inspired Men’s Fragrance Collection


Coach and leather are synonymous, so it is no surprise that their newest men’s fragrance collection is based around the scent of leatherwear; specifically their glove-tanned cowhide. The collection includes three different fragrances that range from light and fresh to rich and masculine scents. Simply named Coach Leatherwear No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 (I take it for the level of the scents and the light to dark woodland shades), they are all bottled in a vintage design that was found in company archives.

All the fragrances include the scent of glove-tanned leather (such as the one found on their Heritage baseball glove), and then each have varying ingredients:

No. 1: citrus, coriander, saffron, “aromatic” greens and nutmeg; No. 2: citrus, rhubarb leaves, black pepper, “crisp” greens, thyme, and blended oakmoss, patchouli and musk; No. 3: pink pepper, cardamom, lemon, cypress, orris, cedarwood, patchouli, papyrus, and vetiver. (Each are 3.2 oz, $95)

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