Dell XPS 13 Laptop Review and Why it’s Perfect for Travel


Debuted last month, the Dell XPS 13 Laptop with Intel Core Processor is a small, lightweight and powerful 13-inch laptop that has received popular reviews since its release and even earned seven awards at CES 2015. So when I was contacted to experience this new ultrabook from Dell I ecstatically replied yes and couldn’t wait to start using it – predicting how perfect it would be for a traveler’s lifestyle.

At first I was excited to not only use such a well reviewed laptop with an attractive aluminum design, but also to be on Windows again. I have been using my 15 inch MacBook Pro for the past six years, and Apple in general since senior year of high school when I joined yearbook, and it was like riding a bike. A fancy new bike with a bunch of fun additions!

Not sure if it’s high performance that came from the Intel 5th gen core processor or the Quad HD+ display with its 5.7 million pixels, but I was so happy to be using the Windows system again. Sure I missed a few shortcuts I got used to with my MacBook and photo editing is still easier for me with it, but what’s really winning me over with the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook is the size, weight and battery life. The standard model’s battery can last up to 15 hours, and if the user is not doing anything that takes up a lot of battery power, i.e. Netflix and other video streaming, that looks possible. For me, my average was around 7 to 10 hours per use as I’ve been using one with a touchscreen and always have a few different programs open. The touchscreen model features the same dimensions as the other models – 13.3-inch display in an 11.98-inch body with a depth of under 8 inches and a height of under half an inch – and weights just a little more but still very light at 2.8 pounds.


I recently traveled with the Dell XPS 13 to Miami to check out the new and fabulous Thompson Miami Beach (which I’ll be talking about more soon), and had a wonderful time with it. Since it’s so small and light, was a breeze to carry around and take out and use in-between flights—I was going to use it on my flights but decided to nap instead—and to bring around with me during my stay and time in Miami. As a traveler, the less bulk the better, and since its ultrabook chic, powerful and can also be connected to a portable 12,000 mAh battery power companion for extra juice (which to me was unheard of for a laptop), this could very well be the only laptop a traveler would need.

Check out details of how the Dell XPS 13 Laptop came to be here, with more product specs on Starts at $800 and can be bought from Dell or Microsoft.


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Disclosure: Dell provided me with the new Dell XPS 13 along with other accessories to provide my honest review of the ultrabook. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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Andrew Villagomez is a lifestyle journalist, style photographer and owner of He contributes to publications such as, Out Magazine, Logo TV's, Passport Magazine,, and more. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @VeeTravels

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