Gift Guide: 6 iPhone 5/5s Cases For Every Style & Need


The holiday shopping season is among us, which means it’s time to start thinking gifts. Continuing Vee Travels’ gift guide series, this week features seven iPhone 5/5s cases for each different style and need out there:

Bespoke & Natural Enthusiast: Carved


Design one of kind  wooden smart phone skins to give as a gift or purchase a case with one of Carved’s beautiful artwork to give an iPhone the personality to match the owners. Each skin is handmade with the artwork laser-engraved on the wood, with adhesive applied to back which you can add right on your phone. Carved’s skin leaves no adhesive residue when removed, or select one in a case format for easy phone wardrobe change as need. ($24-$49, Carved)

The Mind Easer: Prong’s PocketPlug


For the guy who always forgets his charger, this cool black case comes with flat folding plugs inconspicuously stored in the back of the case. There is an added micro USB port on the side (a bonus but you won’t really need it), and the phone’s speaker is not buffered. Easy to slide the phone on and off, the PocketPlug will soon be available in white and  the colors blue, red and pink.  ($69, Prong)

Rugged Adventurer: Outdoor Tech’s Safe5


The Safe5 case will get the smart phone through water rafting or mountain climbing without letting any harm come to the phone—dry or wet as it is waterproof up to 3 feet. The thin plastic covering over the screen allows full  functionality of the phone (and cameras too), and the rest of the body is sturdy, but allows button usage. Seal this case tight with three locks operated by any coin on the back, and there’s also a removable charging port cover. Comes in clear, aqua and orange. ($49, Outdoor Tech)

The Sleek Entertainer: TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad


With a luxurious and thin black, white or red leather body, the SurfacePad is a flap case with microfiber lining on the interior that can be turned into a stand to watch shows, movies or use as desired. Stick to the iPhone and remove when needed as the adhesive does not leave behind any stick residue. ($34, TwelveSouth)

Pattern Lover: Perry Ellis Camo Case


Style his phone to be in vogue with different patterns options such as tribal, color blocking or camouflage. This simple blue camo scheme snap on case from Perry Ellis will be welcomed in his style tech armory. ($27, Perry Ellis)

The Backup Power: myCharge’s Freedom 2000


For the man who is always online, or just listening away to music and chatting on the phone, the Freedom 2000 doubles the iPhone5’s power for up to an extra 9 hours of talk time. Available in an array of colors and black or chrome, the extra power is stored in an 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery—which also adds to the depth of the case—that can connect to the phone with its built-in Apple Lightning connector. The battery’s power can also be checked with a light up button on the back, and it and phone can be charged at the same time. ($79, myCharge)


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