Travel Essential: Niche For Men Deodorizing Face And Body Wipes


Photo via Niche For Men

Whether you’re traveling for city to city for work or living a city life of crowded subways and streets, there are times you’re going to break in unanticipated sweat—and who has time for that?

If you don’t have a moment for a quick shower (or there isn’t one available nearby), Niche For Men are male face and body deodorizing wipes to help you fight the sweat and the unpleasing smell and feeling associated with it. Individually packaged, each wipe folds out to hand towel (9″ x 11″) and is infused with ginseng, aloe vera, soothing oils and a masculine scent.

I tried out one of these bad boys after a long day in the city that had me hopping to different showrooms, attending a press preview and shooting street style. While I didn’t break in too much sweat, I did a bit, and felt gross from being around so many people on the subway and train back to Stamford. I pulled out a wipe from its slim, tearable case and wiped the oils off my forehead first, and started to feel fresh again. I continued with the rest of my face, neck and arms, and just like that it was as if I showered and sprayed myself with a light cologne. The wipes are also reportedly strong enough to clean you up after long work outs.

Think of Niche For Men as a backup shower you can keep in your fitness or carryon bag, office desk drawer or even your back pocket (as the wipe is folded down to 3″ x 4″ in the packet). Starting at $3 for a set of two wipe packets.

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  1. Sounds great! Women seem to have all these sort of products so I definitely think it’s about time men had them! Seeing as we sweat more after all…

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