Gaymer X: World’s First LGBT Gaming Convention


Following the recent San Diego Comic Con, gay geeks will be heading to San Francisco from August 3-4 for Gaymer X, the first gaming and tech convention specifically designed with us in mind.

Previously known as Gaymercon, the weekend gathering will take place in San Francisco’s Japantown district at Hotel Kabuki and Hotel Tomo. Japantown was selected as the location because, “the atmosphere was so much more welcoming and festive than other places in the city,” says Gaymer X’s event page. “We want a place where people can have a really fun experience and where people can be comfortable expressing themselves.”

And that’s what the convention is all about, a safe and welcoming space for all video game and tech lovers to get together and geek out without having to worry about not being themselves or fear of dealing with any type of homophobia (such as gay slurs, you know you hear them in online gaming).

“The Kabuki will be our central spot for all our events but we are in the process of speaking with several other Japantown locations about hosting fun stuff during Gaymer X,” they added.

Photo via SF Japantown

Peace Plaza in Japantown via SF Japantown

The inaugural Gaymer X event will feature gaming panels, booths, a cosplay competition, concerts and parties. Some of programming to look forward to include a panel on the origins of queer characters in gaming, how to become an indie developer, crossplay (cross dressing cosplay) photography, gaymer vacationing, and how to run a successful Kickstarter campaignโ€”Gaymer X was funded through Kickstarter and raised almost four times the original goal.

Along with the crowdsourced funds, the event is also supported by big gaming industry players, EA Games and Xbox, and LGBT organizations such as GLAAD, The Trevor Project, dot429, Straight But Not Narrow and Logo TV.

Visit here for more information and tickets.

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